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The aim of our work is to support researches related to China and East Asia and the Chinese diaspora in Hungary, as well as to help those researchers, young professionals and university students whose studies, research work or research interest are related to these regions and subjects.

Research and Science Popularization

Our goal is to support those research projects and educational activities which are related to the China, the East Asian region and the Hungarian Chinese diaspora. We believe that it is important to introduce the ongoing researches and the results to the professional academic community as well as to the wider population. We regularly publish the results of our research projects and organize conferences, lecture series, cultural fairs and workshops to popularize our activity.


One of our main goal is to provide scholarships for those young professionals, researchers and students who are interested in China, the East Asian region and the Hungarian Chinese diaspora to be able to pan and carry out their researches and other projects.


We are proud of our publishing activity. Our foundation collects and publishes the works of those researchers, young professionals and students who beneficiated our mentoring and financial support.

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